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As parents to a combined 13 children we have placed a high priority on the well-being of ourselves and our families. Together we founded My Easy Wellness to help others do the same.

Through different circumstances in our own lives and the lives of the people we care about, we have been through some less-than pleasant experiences in dealing with health-related issues. Over 60% percent of North Americans are overweight and unhealthy. We want this to change. This started out as something for ourselves and the people we care about, but has morphed into a mission to help as many people as we can. When a culture starts to trend towards their children having a shorter lifespan than their parents do, it is time to initiate a shift in thinking and practice.

We believe that if you have the means to address your well-being, then you should have the access as well. We want you and your family and friends to be able to thoroughly understand the needs for your wellness through easier access to resources.

Our continued efforts to determine how we can flip this devastating health crisis in our personal circles has led us to create an online portal for you and your family. It is relevant for you because we have probably experienced a lot of the same things you have and we want to save you time, money and the frustrated feelings of what to do next when you don't understand what is actually happening.

In consulting numerous people and groups, the biggest complaint we have heard is about accessibility to health care. A whole new system (Affordable Care Act) was devised to address accessibility to health care. Still this has not addressed the proactive approach a lot of people want to take regarding their well-being.

We are introducing My Easy Wellness as a starting point of access for you. We don't replace your doctor or provide medical advice, but we do help to empower you to make informed decisions regarding your well-being.

We are not only experienced professionals, but also real people dealing with real issues relating to our well-being and the well-being of the people we care about. The success we have achieved since starting out 20 years ago has grown and it will continue to grow as we all access a healthier online community.

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